Friday, February 28, 2014

Carole Gill takes over for the day and the end of Women in Horror Month

 Today I am honored to have the remarkably talented and super wonderful Carole Gill guest blogging for me. I read this and whooped in agreement. Carole, thank you so much. You rock!

Women in Horror

By: Carole Gill

I’ve been thinking. Why is there a Women in Horror Month or better still, why is there the need to have a Women in Horror Month? Could it be because women are not taken seriously as horror writers? Let’s be straight forward about it.

I think much of it has to do with paranormal romance fiction. Paranormal romance is its own genre. It’s not horror and never will be. I don’t write paranormal romance and never have. The horror I write is horror.

 I have written about blood-drinking, demonic vampires, flesh eaters some of them; I have written about necromantic doctors, flesh-eating dolls, demonic, cannibal clowns, murderous midgets, zombies on their own undead, bloody death march and wendigos (also flesh eaters).

I have in all four novels in The Blackstone Vampires Series depicted devil rites—rites in honor of Satan. I have depicted in gory detail in that Series, book 3 (if you want to know) what a devil pact consists of; what actually happens. There are child sacrifices as well. I have my two protagonists take in unwed mothers simply for the purpose of acquiring infants to sacrifice.  No simpering heroine in crinoline carrying a candle rushing between shadows in my work, unless she’s actually a vampire!

The focus of evil has inspired much of my writing. It’s at the core of what I write. I see the evil in the world and throughout history; how could I not? It’s there and it always has been.

I have written about the blood countess, Erzebrt Bathory. I have her in book 2 of my Series. She has a hot, blood-soaked twisted affair with my main character, the demon vampire, Eco who appears in all four of my Series novels but is featured in books 2 and 3.

In The Fourth Bride, my latest release, book 4 in the Series, I have depicted Dracula exactly as written. His wives are as evil as he is. This is not paranormal romance because it is too dark and far too bloody. There is graphic violence and sex.

The gist is Dracula has summoned forth a child he cursed, a child whose mother was given over to vampires. He has communicated to this child the entire time she was growing up and she thought she was dreaming!

He has her brought to his castle where she is to serve him psychically and sexually, to be another sister to his other wives. There she is seduced and turned by the count, and she does indeed become his fourth bride. They are all to love and feed upon one another. As her master says: "The joy is in the blood...the passion is in the blood...endless life is in the blood...!"

This is horror pure and simple, and I dare anyone to say I don’t. And I’m just one of many! Perhaps our numbers are legion!

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Today I get the pleasure of interviewing James Glass

Today James Glass and Sekhmet Press is releasing the second book in the Murdered Metatron series 'The Dispossessed'. I, for one, can not wait to read it. To celebrate the release of this book I yanked Mr. Glass under the grill light and asked him the things I wanted to know. When I was assured he had no clue about why the casques on a hornbill's head can hurt so damned much when they slam it into you, I instead asked Glass questions about being an author. Enjoy! (As always clicking on the picture will take you to the Amazon store for that particular book.)

 JJ: When did you start writing?
JG: Too long ago to remember.

JJ: What was the first story you remember writing?
JG: There were several erotic pieces, if I recall. Specifically Absinthe and Absolution. It’s not a story for the weak of heart.

JJ: What genre is your most preferred?
JG: Genre preference is largely dependent upon my mood in that moment. Some days I am unrepentant in my love of eros, the next instant I find myself writing paranormal mysteries or horror. I suppose that is a very long way of saying ‘I don’t know.’

JJ: What challenges you the most in your writing?
JG: In a single, dirty word: editing.

JJ: What is your favorite thing about being an author?
JG: Writing

JJ: What do you like least about being an author?
JG: On some level I both love and loathe expectations, both the expectations I have for myself and those put upon me by others. The worst of the lot being the message of getting a ‘real’ job. I want to say ‘I already have a day job, thank you’ but then the smug ones would have worlds shattered by such revelations, and I do not wish to be held solely responsible for the destruction of an entire population. Or perhaps I do wish it, since I have revealed it here where it is likely to have the most impact.

JJ: How many books do you currently have available?
JG: Currently I have several stories in various collections, as well as book 1 of the Metatron Mysteries. The second book in the series is set for release any day now, so keep watch for The Dispossessed.

JJ: What projects are you currently working on?
JG: Book 3 of the Metatron Mysteries as well as a side project with a fellow author.

JJ: Do you have any books coming out soon?
JG: The Dispossessed, book 2 of the Metatron Mysteries.

JJ: Which book, or series, is your favorite?
JG: Of my own writing, I would have to say the Apocrypha of the Apocalypse. Of someone else’s work: it is difficult to choose merely one, as there are so many excellent books out there.

JJ: Who are some of your favorite authors?
JG: Suzi M, Xircon (but please don’t tell him I said so), one lovely and talented Jaime Johnesee, Allison M. Dickson, Patrick Greene, and a plethora of others.

JJ: Which book(s) inspire you the most?
JG: Metaphysical and occult texts.

JJ: Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what band(s) do you play?
JG: Yes, indeed. The playlist is an odd one, and ranges from Benny Goodman to Industrial and metal bands, dancing and stomping over everything in between.

JJ: Any hobbies?
JG: Traveling by train across states.

JJ: Tell us some more about yourself including your website and where we can find you on social media sites:

JG: My Facebook page:
My Amazon Author page can be found here:

JJ: Care to share a bit of one of your books with us?

JG: Indeed. Here is some of Chapter 1 of The Dispossessed for your enjoyment:

Today was Cherry’s day off, unfortunately, and Smith was hungover. It was a bad day all around, and the sudden request to meet with him from out of the blue did not bode well for any chance of an improvement to the day or Smith’s mood. The door jingled as it opened and a dark shape entered the diner.
Koth slid into the booth, taking the seat across from him and Smith glanced at his watch then stared at the demon. He was early. One thing Smith had learned about angels and demons, they were always exactly on time. Smith became suspicious and took in the demon’s appearance.
It still took some getting used to, even though Koth was one of the more ‘normal’ looking of Hell’s minions… for what that was worth. Most of the demons sent topside tended to resemble a 1940’s hardboiled detective thanks to Hell’s use of old black and white Noir films as a training device for getting the demons to ‘fit in’.
“Buddy, you look rough,” said the demon by way of a greeting.
“Yeah, thanks. It was a long night.”
Koth stared at his clawed pale gray hands and fidgeted.
“You’re early. Why?” Smith asked, irritation creeping into his voice.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A guestpost by the lovely Lori R Lopez

I'd like to thank Lori for whipping up this guestpost for my blog. She is a very talented author and a wonderful human being. I now turn my blog over to her for the day.

Let’s Dance

Lori R. Lopez

​I don’t know about you, but I could never be a surgeon. I would upchuck on the poor patient. Right before fainting. Heck, I’m too nervous to drive, imagining all of the lives I might take out. Oh, once upon a time I passed the driving test in a surge of competence. They mailed me a card with my picture and name on it and said I could legally operate a motor vehicle. Cue the JAWS Theme. Were they out of their minds? They must have been. I am the last person you want behind the wheel, unless it’s a go-cart. Make that a golf cart. Okay, maybe not the last person. I guess there are worse candidates. Not many. My mind tends to wander. I am too nervous and tense — I have been most of my life, just ask my dentist. And I am not mechanical. Nor am I one of those “capable” people. Oh, I might be for moments. But in the long run, forget it. I can panic and have terrible reflexes. I can shake. My vision can unfocus. I might get a nervous itch or twitch. So now you know. If you see me coming, even if I’m only walking, to be safe you should probably run. Not for your sake, for mine. I tend to be reserved, as shy as a Bigfoot with two left feet.
​Am I exaggerating? Sure, let’s go with that. I can pretend to be fine, even dandy. But don’t believe it for an instant!
​By the way, I am also a horror writer.
​Say what?
​ I know, I know, I sound like the last person you would expect to be a horror writer. Right? However, and I stress the word however, I am. And furthermore, I happen to be female. A rather freakish, peculiar, quirky, discombobulated female . . . yet a female just the same! And some readers actually think I’m a good horror writer. (All right, a precious few think I’m great. Quite a few think I’m bad. In a bad way. But who’s counting? You there, quit counting!) So, um, anyway, if I can scare somebody’s toenails off — that’s an expression, isn’t it? — me, in all of my quaking womanly introverted social-ineptitude, the rest of these chicks who are an awful lot tougher than me can certainly write up a frightapalooza. Think about that, all of you Doubting Thomases or whatever your names are who think that women cannot give birth to Horror. And Science Fiction. And Fantasy. And whatever we darn well feel like creating. It doesn’t matter if we Waltz or Watusi, cook or don’t cook, know how to sew curtains or stitch together body parts, wear a skirt or pants or hot-pants. It isn’t an issue whether we are strong or weak, tall or short, long-haired or purple-bobbed . . . It is our minds, our imaginations, what is inside of us needing to burst out and rampage that determines if we can or cannot rival guys to write Horror. And yes, we absolutely can. Some of the very best Horror!
​It seems so obvious to me that I can’t believe there would be any question. What is the greatest horror story of all time? In my opinion, the title that stands out and has since I was a little girl is Frankenstein. It’s the one I most strongly connect with the roots of my lifelong fascination for the gruesome, the dark and morbid. And you know what? I bet I’m not alone. You know what else? It was written by a girl.
​Now aren’t you slapping your foreheads silly, you good-old-boy horror and sci-fi geeks, wondering how you could possibly have ignored the works of us females? Or thought you were, when you were really the devoted fans of a — gasp — woman writer? Anyone foolish enough to think that males have a monopoly on creating superlative tales of terror and science deserves the Rubber Ducky Award for, squeak-squeak, soapsuds for brains! That’s right, I said it. You’re a bunch of bubbleheads! And once the bubbles pop, all that’s left is air.
​Oh yeah. I’m ready to Rumba. Me, the Jitter Bug. Let’s dance. I say we show these guys who only read and respect other guys that their attitude isn’t going to cut it anymore. We refuse to be overlooked, passed up, unlisted, pushed aside. It isn’t that time of the month. It isn’t even that time of the year. We expect to be considered equal every day of every month. It’s a brand new world. Wake up and smell the decaying flesh, the perspiration of fear. We are Woman, and we are here. Deal with it. Remember, your mother is a woman. Your wife or girlfriend. Your daughter. Would you want them to be treated as if they don’t exist, as if they don’t rate? Do you see them as invisible? Men and women, we’re not that different. Some of us love heroes. Some of us love sports. And some of us love Horror.

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Or at her website:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Women in horror

February is Women in Horror month and I couldn't be happier. Well, that's a lie. I could be happier. How? I'd be happier if there was no need for a month devoted to women in this genre. I'd be much happier to be thought of as a horror author and not a female horror author.

I don't understand why there is a gender gap in this genre, I just know there is one. I am not sure if it's because we are seen as physically weaker than men so therefore we must not be able to handle horror as well.

The truth is the majority of violent crimes that happen in this country happen to women. Most of the female horror authors I know have been through those hells. Who better to depict a woman in horrifying situation than a woman?

Even if we don't speak about rape or physical abuse. Let's talk about the women who have led normal lives and have children. How many men can say they knows what it feels like to have something growing and moving inside of you? Yet more readers would pick a book about an alien that deposits its young into a human if it has a male author on the cover.

How did we get to this point? Why are so many of these 'best horror authors' lists full of men with a meager handful of women? How is it that people will include James Patterson on a list of horror (really don't get that one) but not Mary Shelley?

Is the gap caused by readers? Publishers? Authors? All of the above? I don't rightly know. What I do know is that in order to change it we must thrust more of our amazingly talented women into the public eye.

Next time someone asks about a good horror book recommend something by Chantal Noordeloos, Leigh M Lane, Christine Sutton, Allison Dickson, Suzi M, CW LaSart, Lisa McCourt Hollar, Mandy DeGeit, Kat Yares, Billie Sue Mosiman,  Rena Mason, Natasha Ewendt, Yvonne Navarro, Lisa Morton, Lisa Manetti, Kay Glass, and Sandy Shelonchik. There are so many more I haven't named, because of time and foggy brain. Feel free to name more in the comments and my sincere apologies to the wonderful women I have left out. I assure you it wasn't on purpose.

Crescendo of Darkness

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