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So, 2016 has opened very kindly for me. I have a story (The Only Good Clown is a Dead Clown) in TJ Weeks' anthology Painted Mayhem. All proceeds go to help soldiers afflicted with PTSD. It's a condition that has affected me personally (though not from war) and one that affects a lot of my friends.

I have three other anthology invites that I am so freaking excited about. One of them involves some really frigging sweet scream queens from the 80s. Can I get a hell yeah? The other is a much requested collab between Lisa Lane and myself. That's right, Jane and Bob are hanging out and going to the mall. This ain't your average mall but, what could go wrong at a Super Market?

The third is one I am beyond excited about because it involves my most favorite authors and one of my favorite creatures of all time. Yes, I'm talking zombies! *Snoopy Dance* and, man, this collaboration is pretty sweet. It has me working with someone I hold in high regard and consider a mentor.