Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Muse

Sometimes I wish my muse wouldn't get so distracted by....Oooooh shiny! Sorry, I mean to say that I really wish my muse would stay on tar.....hey check out that Facebook post! Again sorry. What I'm trying to say is I really wish my muse would stay on point. But as we all know, sometimes the internet can be an amazing distraction.

I know that for myself I would probably have finished at least one, if not two more novels in the time I waste having fun on the web. There are days I hop online to learn about some topic or get my facts straight and within moments I'm carried away to Memebase or Facebook and I have forgotten entirely what it was I jumped online to research.

Two hours later I shut down the internet and thwack myself on the forehead for not actually looking up the information I needed in the first place. Then I jump back online and whammo two more hours pass and I realize I have again lost sight of what I was doing.

Then there are the times my muse decides she needs a vacation and without giving proper notice (or filing a request for the time) she zooms off leaving me staring at a story and wondering what the hell I was just doing. Luckily if I go back and read it from the beginning I can usually call her back in and finish what I start but sheesh this muse of mine is a tricksy sort.

Have any of you ever had this problem?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Being ill sucks, but I'm glad it happened.

So as many of you know I am suffering from an 'as yet undiagnosed' disease. It's been a long seven year battle and at times it feels like I am living in hell. There are days where it's an absolute miracle (I kid not) that I am able to get downstairs and get my boys breakfast and lunch and simply take care of them.

There are so many days where I have no clue how I was able to do it, and there have been many days that resulted in me collapsing and laying on the floor unresponsive for a little while.

It's getting worse and things are getting more and more difficult but one thing has remained constant; my husband. Without him I don't think I'd be alive today and honestly he is the only person in my life I can rely on completely. Hell, he is the only person that I have ever been able to rely on.

I try not to complain or whine too much about my problems. I am luckier than so many, but there are days where it hits me so hard I can't stand it. On those days (usually when my hubby has off) I spend a lot of time locked in a room crying because I don't have the energy to play with the kids and we have no one to watch them.

I have a love/hate relationship with this disease. You all know now just much I hate it, so I will start to tell you where the love comes in. If I had never started getting sick in my late twenties than I never would have settled down, had kids, or even started writing full time. This illness was the turning point on which swings everything I have and am today.

Had I not gotten sick I'd still be a zookeeper, all alone, wandering the Earth like some crazy tiger wrestling nomad. (Ok so I've never actually wrestled a tiger but I have been face to face with one inside it's habitat. I've also brushed a couple tigers teeth in my time.) Sometimes I miss those days but then I remember how awful tiger poop smells and the missing ebbs. So there we have it; being ill sucks, but I'm glad it happened.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reading a ton of Indie Authors lately...

No not authors from Indiana (although there is one or two of those) I'm talking about authors who self-publish their books on Kindle and Nook. They're not backed by a giant publishing house and most of them have full time jobs and families and are no different from me in that they write for the sheer joy of writing (and because our heads will explode if we don't get the chance to write these stories down) and they publish their works themselves because it's less troublesome, faster to get published, and gives a much better (according to some I spoke with) payout in terms of royalties.

You'll find my book reviews posted on the right side of my home page and you can bet there will be a whole lot of independent authors on this list. I've really had a blast meeting with and reading several of these writers and I think it's safe to say a whole new world of literary possibilities has opened up to us and it is a fantastic time to be a reader or a writer.

As an independent you never deal with those disheartening rejection letters, nor do you deal with watching your royalties subdivided up into chicken feed. But the question remains 'Are Indie authors just as good as those backed by large (and small) publishing houses'? The answer is yes and no. Just as we see with published authors some Indie's are magnificent in their storytelling abilities and some are mediocre. Some take their job as an author seriously and take the time to edit and polish a manuscript because they care about it and love it. Some write stories rife with plot holes, unbelievable characters, and spelling and grammar mistakes that a second grader could point out. But those are the same problems and issues you can find in the traditionally published books and authors.

That's the only difficulty in navigating the Indie market; Who is good and who is pushing crap for the sake of making money? The best thing you can do is read the reviews. Now there are some who get a long list of friends and relatives to write glowing reviews for their pile of fecal matter but there are many who are just that good. Next time you go to buy a book for your Kindle or Nook, take a second and look over the ones whose authors you've never heard of. You might just find a new favorite writer, I know I have found several.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catch and Release

So at 1:30 this morning our cat hops up on the bed and proceeds to nudge my hand to wake me up. The next thing I know a live mouse is running all over the bed, including over my husband's face. Chris sits bolt upright in bed and I say, completely puzzled "There's a mouse in our bed." Needless to say the mouse got off the bed and hustled out of our room and into the hall.

The cat looked at us as if to say "Do you know how long it took to catch that mouse and you let him get away? Fine, I'll get it again." The he tore out of the room after Speedy Gonzalez and I turned to my lovely, handsomely bearded, incredibly groggy husband who simply shrugged and laid back down. He laid like that for a second and then said "You think he's trying to get back into our good graces?" Mostly because the cat had been a real jerk about Mr. B.

"I don't know." I said "Possible, or he could've just wanted to give us a gift." I love the cat. I'm glad he's a mouser, but this catch and release stuff is getting a bit difficult. He's very careful not to hurt the mice, he just likes to play with them.

Needless to say the next two times Flip jumped on the bed that night I woke up immediately and expected to see a furry little rodent scurrying around. Also needless to say I'm glad the mouse ran across Chris' face and not my own. :o) (Sorry My Love, but it's true.)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mr. B

For those who I'm pals with on Facebook you already know about Mr. B. For those who don't let me tell you a story....

Two weeks ago my husband and I decided we wanted to get another dog. So we did our research and found a pup online at the Humane Society that we wanted to go see. We packed up the SUV and headed out when Chris got home from work. Excited and giddy we postulated and joked about how this dog would fit in our new house and large yard.

Reality was very different from fact. The dog was 9 weeks old and at first was a great little puppy. Then she started becoming vicious with me and my kids. She bit me several times and not only drew blood but has left scars. When our three year old became scared of her we decided immediately she was not the puppy for us and we put her back in her kennel.

My husband and I began looking at the other dogs in the shelter and I came across a beautiful St Bernard named Betsy (who oddly enough, could have been a double for Cujo) I adored Betsy until my husband came around the corner and she started growling and barking at him. This shocked me as she is the first animal I have ever met who didn't fall wildly in love with my hubby.

Chris looked at me and said "There's another St. Bernard over here." and so we headed that way. As we walked we passed many dogs who were excited, hoping to be adopting, and some who were sad at being in the kennel. There were a couple who were heartbroken and one or two who had given up.

Mr. B was one of the ones who had given up. You didn't have to be a behaviorist to see he had decided that life held no more joy for him. He looked so broken and sad. Sitting in front of his concrete and steel mesh cage I cried. I looked him in the eyes and told him "Don't give up. Things will get better, just don't give up." Then my hubby, boys, and I went home.

We'd never planned on getting a four year old St. Bernard and we actually hadn't even considered Mr. B while we were at the Humane Society. On the way home however Chris and I had started talking and I said "Even though we're not sure if he's our dog can we go back and visit Mr. B tomorrow?" Chris said we could.

An entirely different dog awaited us the next day. He was happy and his tail was wagging. When they put us in a 10ft x 12ft room to get acquainted we could see he was aware of his size and was careful not to bump into the two boys. So we decided to come back the next night.

For a week we went to the shelter and visited with Mr. B. He was 'Application Only' and we had put an app in for him but were unsure of how many others had done the same. So I figured by going up there to visit and love on him every day they'd see how much we loved this dog and the dog would also see he was loved and he'd get to come home with us.

There was at least one other application in for Mr. B but on the fifth day of us going to see him specifically the manager told us to bring our other dog up for a meet and greet in two days. If that went well, she added that Mr. B would be ours!

It was one of the best meetings they'd ever witnessed and the following day we got to bring our small moose home to live. We've had him a week now and couldn't be happier, neither could he. I'd like to think my telling him not to give up had something to do with it (as he is very much my shadow and protector) but I think it was probably just one of those things. Either way he's my dog now and I love him more than these words can say.

Welcome to my Blog

So I've just started down this path called blogging and I thank you all for bearing with me while I learn the nuances of this medium that is entirely new to me. I never even kept a diary as a kid, so this is an adventure for all of us.

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