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Coffin Hop and an interview with Leigh M Lane.

I am having so much fun with Coffin Hop this year. There are so many wonderful authors and publishing houses signed up this year. Click that badge over on the right there and check out the list for yourself. Scroll through and visit all the super awesome writers that have given of their time and hard work to make this event the fun it is.

On to my interview with the lovely, and utterly amazing, Leigh M Lane. We share a ToC together in the charity anthology Scare Package and she has blessedly edited two of my books so trust me when I say this woman rocks.

Q: When did you start writing? A: I was just a little girl, somewhere around nine or ten years old, when the writing bug first bit me.
Q: What was the first story you remember writing? A: I don’t remember a whole lot about it since it was around thirty years ago, but I do remember it was about a good witch and her cat. I also remember giving it a cardboard cover, complete with crayon drawings (because all “real” books have proper cove…

Coffin hop time and my interview with Armand Rosamilia

It's Coffin hop time folks! The fun begins today and if you're on Facebook please be sure to come to my release party for my new book Bob The Sequel. There's prizes to be had and a crazy amount of fun, too. If you want to see all the other Hoppers make sure you go to and check the list out! Alright, let's get to it...

I've not interviewed another author before and I couldn't have picked a better one to start with. For those who don't know him already, Armand Rosamilia is a top notch horror author and one of the best zombie authors I've met. Here's a picture of him standing next to one of the other best zombie authors, Joe McKinney.

Let's begin!

Q: When did you start writing? A: When I was twelve, but seriously in my early twenties. Then I screwed around and walked away from it and found it again in my thirties. I got serious about two years ago (in my forties) and decided to d this for a living. So far so good.
Q: What was the…