Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Scares That Care, She's a Hugger, Dickshark, and a Memorial for an Amazing Lady.

Scares That Care was this past weekend and I finally got the chance to thaw out in the beautiful Virginia heat. (It was 107°F and it was glorious.) I was lucky enough to help run the Devil Dog table so we started the weekend by driving up and kidnapping my beautiful blue haired sister, Suzi Madron, from Pennsylvania and headed out for fun, and a weekend away from the kids. FREEDOM!!! (I jest, kind of.)

The first person we met was Tim Majka (a new awesome author Devil Dog Press has picked up) and it was like meeting family. He fit right in with our brand of crazy. I think that's the thing I love most about DDP, we are very much a family.

The folks I was most excited to meet for the first time IRL were (besides Tim) my brother Jack Wallen, Brent Abell (BC4L), Jeffrey Clare and Shannon Walters (congrats, you guys!), Meghan Hyden, Eric and Linda Shelman, Sheila Shedd, Pheebz Jackson, Joan Macleod, Anne Ellet, Ashley Wright, James Wallace, Christina Hargis Smith, James Dean, John Quick, Ricky Fleet, and Clay, aka the best hugger in the universe.

It was also awesome to reconnect with old friends like Miko Reece, Greg Ferrell (who let me dye his beard blue. Big I love you and thank you to his wife, Sam), Karen Dziegal, Lucille Grabow-Bransfield, D. Alexander Ward, Kals, and Tim Feely.

I apologize for forgetting folks, I've been awake over thirty hours as I write this so I promise it was not intentional and I loved meeting/seeing you again. I hope to see and hug you again in the future.

Speaking of, I am a hugger. I tend to ask first because I know some folks are not fond of being touched. But, me, I love hugs. I am beaming today because I got the best hugs ever this weekend.

What can I say; I'm much happier spreading positivity and love than I would be if I solely focused on myself or was negative. I prefer to build people up rather than belittle and mock them. It's just who I am. *Shrugs*

I had so much fun hanging out with all the folks I love so dearly and, Lord, did I need it. On Saturday night at Jack Wallen's Zombie Radio Live podcast (https://youtu.be/bqH9I3-LdVA you really have got to hear this podcast. *End of shameless plug*) we came across a promo card for the movie, Dickshark.

Yes, that's right, Dickshark. This is one movie I really have to see this year simply because of the hilarity that ensued post-podcast. I don't think I've laughed so hard or had that much fun in decades.

There didn't seem to be as many people there this year but I definitely can't complain about sales or meeting new readers. I can't thank everyone enough for making our trip so successful.

It's because of you guys we do this. So, thank you all for being awesome and for making my life so much brighter. I love you guys.  

Sadly, this weekend wasn't all laughter and fun. We also held a memorial for the most wonderful woman and it was hard. Christy Thornbrugh was taken far too soon from us and I can only hope I did her amazing memory proud as I am the one who was picked to lead the toast to her that night. 

I got all kinds of choked up and I don't remember what I said but I do remember the folks who gave me the support and strength to speak about this beautiful soul who was the heart of our community.

Her absence was painful and there were many times I'd spy someone in the crowd who resembled her and my heart would break all over again. My heart continues to break for her wonderful daughters, husband, and family.

I'm so proud to be a part of the Indie author community and was so very damn proud to call Christy my friend. If you wish to support the family check out the Embroidery by Christy store on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/shop/EmbroideryByChristy

I love you all so much. Remember to tell people you love them. You never know when it'll be too late.


  1. It's like I was there. Thanks.

    1. Wish you had been. Looking forward to giving you and Mary Jane big hugs in a little bit here.

  2. It was so awesome meeting you finally and I have to say "I loved all the hugs, from you and everyone else." I really hope to make it back next week as I had an awesome time meeting so many of my friends and authors plus making new friends. Love you Jaime...<3 <3

    1. Meeting you was definitely one of my highlights. So many wonderful people such a fun time. I hope you can come next year too.


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