Get Freaked Out with Lori Safranek

Today, I turn my blog over to a friend and author I enjoy reading; Lori Safranek. I love this series and the collection is one I am itching to hold in my hands. Sit back and enjoy this little taste of what's to come under the big top.

As the tents go up and another side show prepares to open, images of the strange and exotic swirl through our minds. Posters give us a preview of a man swallowing sharp swords, throwing knives at a woman tied on a spinning wheel! A woman charming snakes to do as she commands! Watch the world’s fattest woman strut the stage, showing off her gorgeous 500-pound body with pride. Catch a glimpse of a hypnotist who wants to invade your brain and take over your life! And look over there! A tattooed man, whose tattoos fade away, and then randomly reappear somewhere else on his body! And last but not least, there’s a contortionist whose body twists and turns and ultimately fits inside a small box!

Keep walking forward, past all the posters and take your seat in the tents. You now have a front-row seat for the famous Steiner’s Freak Show, one of the finest in the land. Steiner moves his show from town to town and has proved to be a genius at finding true freaks, no fakes in his little freak family!

But lately, strange things have been happening at the Freak Show. Things no one understands. Dangerous things, things that will freak you out!

The six stories collected in Freakshow: The Complete Freaked Out Series relate the exciting experiences of the fascinating characters in Steiner’s Freak Show. So step right up, the show is ready to begin!

Lori Safranek's Freaked Out series takes a creepy look at life in the circus sideshow. Marie, the tale of the Fat Lady in the sideshow, was the first book in the series, followed up with Mesmer, a hypnotist gone bad. Lily Dean explores the life of a snake charmer with special skills. Smudge is about a tattooed man whose tattoos have a mind of their own! More twisted tales of freaks on the sideshow coming soon. 

Lori spent several years as a newspaper reporter in Nebraska before deciding to try her hand at fiction writing. In addition to her Freaked Out series, she contributed to the Fifty Shades of Decay: Zombie Erotica anthology; Dead Harvest anthology; Cellar Door II; Slaughter House: Serial Killer Edition; and had a story published in Tim Baker's novel Unfinished Business. 

Lori lives in Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband and two dogs. She can be found on Facebook at Author Lori Safranek.


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