Saturday, October 18, 2014

2014: The Year of Hell

Those of you who know me know what a horrible, awful, shittacular year I have had. For those who don't I'm going to fill you in really quickly before I get to the meat of this post. In January I was attacked by my St Bernard who had a PTSD snap on me from some abuse he had suffered as a puppy. He was two years old when we got him and never really showed any aggression at all. (Here's a link to a blogpost I wrote about it. I recommend it for anyone with children who are getting an animal from the pound.) Because of the nature of the attack and the fact it might happen at any time without any warning signs he had to either be put down or live a hands off life --which he would have hated.

This year --mind, it's only October-- has also wrought me dealings with a less than stellar publisher, a less than professional artist employed by said publisher who plastered pictures of my minor children everywhere because that's obviously what you do when someone sends you a C and D about using pictures of small children without an image release form and consent, amirite?

On July Fourth, my grandma died. Two weeks later, my grandpa's (the same man who had lost his wife) sister in law passed away. One week after that his other sister in law passed away. Two weeks after that loss a family friend I had known since the age of nine committed suicide.

Now, just yesterday, we had to put our thirteen year old golden retriever down. All of this plus a cancer scare on my behalf, (I need to have a lymph node removed but, luckily, it's benign) one on my uncle's behalf --the son of the grandpa who just lost three family members-- and four major car repairs all happened in ten months time. I know many people who have had a wonderful 2014, and I am really happy they had a good year, but I am so ready for this year to end.

Not that this year was all bad; My brother and sister in law brought my nephews over from England and stayed with us for a couple weeks, I went to Disney World with my family (including the grandpa who lost so many) and we got to sleep in pirate ship beds. I don't care how old you are pirate ship beds will always be cool. Always.

I also rewrote my short story collection "Oh, the Horror" and had it professionally edited. With the help of Jeffrey Kosh Graphics my "Bob the Zombie" series got a new --and totally awesome-- makeover.

Chris --my husband-- and I have grown closer and have really strengthened this year. We found that if you look for the good instead of focusing on the bad you can get through anything. Thankfully our kids are healthy and doing well in school, we have a roof over our heads (a beautiful one at that), and I just finished decorating my new office.

As bad as 2014 was for me, I have to say I think I came out a little stronger, a little tougher, and I have far more determination to succeed than I ever have. I hope the end of this year and all of next year are fantastic for all of you and continue to bring growth, happiness, love, great health, and good luck to us all.


  1. Oh, Jaime, I had no idea. I hope the rest of this year brings sweetness into your life.

  2. you are stronger than you think, surrounded by so much love

    1. I am very lucky to have some amazing friends and family around. Especially you!


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