Thursday, August 23, 2012

Leigh M Lane is an angel

As many of you know I am a huge fan of Ms. Lane's book 'Finding Poe'. So when she contacted me and said she read my book 'Shifters' and found some edits, I was grateful. I can edit for style and flow easily enough but I really need to go back to school and learn more about editing for punctuation (I am a comma junkie.) <--See like that; do I put the period on the inside of the parenthesis or the outside? I was so focused on being a zookeeper that I sort of ignored anything that wasn't about animals or organic chemistry.

She sent me what had to be hours of work on her part cleaning up my grammatical messes and punctuational problems. She did not ask for anything in return. I asked her if I could list her as editor and she thanked me. That's right, the woman who had spent hours polishing up my gem thanked me for crediting her for it.

This is the sort of camaraderie you find often in the Indie community. We help each other with cover art and with editing. We soothe each other over bad reviews and celebrate over the good ones. We pimp each others books and visit each others blogs. We are not just community, we are family and for the most part, we stick together. I love being a part of this and have so many people I am grateful to for their guidance and support. Today though I am eternally grateful for Ms. Lane and the fact she so selflessly helped me to become a better author by not just editing the story but telling me what I had done wrong and why.

To anyone looking for some extremely well written, engaging, and purely awesome stories; check out her titles like 'Finding Poe' a brilliant homage to one of my favorite authors and written so much like his style you forget at times he isn't the author. 'World Mart' is her dystopian novel that shows us what the world could be like if we give those corporate fat cats too much power over our lives. 'The Hidden Valley' is her newest work and what a piece of brilliance it is. A story about a ghost town you can read the novel 'The Hidden Valley: The Whole Story' but you can also experience the story through each character's eyes in the separate novellas 'The Hidden Valley: Jane's Story', 'The Hidden Valley:Grant's Story', 'The Hidden Valley: John's Story', and 'The Hidden Valley: Carrie's Story'. I will be sailing my way through these soon as it's such an amazing concept and a fun one.

So, there you have it. You now know why I find Leigh M Lane to be an angel and you know where to go to read some of her wonderful books. I thank her again for her help and you folks for reading. May your day be filled with brightness and joy and may your dreams be happy ones.

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  1. Lisa Lane is one of the sweetest persons in the field. She left a wonderful review of my 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' and she always acts kindly and with elegance. I wish her all the best.


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