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2015, Revelations, gratitude, and 2016

I spend time at the beginning of each year to do some reflecting on my life. I find that it helps me to stay grounded and grateful to the people and the good things that come into my life. thinking over on last year brought a lot of both back into the forefront.

2015 was a good year for my career but it was a difficult year for my family in terms of rebuilding. We had to reconstruct our family around the loss of Chris' brother, Evan. My mom's side of the family had to adjust to its first full year without several of our beloved members.

While we rebuilt our lives without our loved ones we also rebuilt our living room, too. It is now solid as a rock and should last a few hundred more years, God willing. Little by little we will make sure the rest of this grand house is lovingly restored.

2015 also brought me some of the most amazing opportunities of my career. First came the Revelations series; Cast in Blood, Cast in Fire, and Cast in Shadow, where I got to work with the two au…