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Nurse Blood and Rebecca Besser

Today I'm turning over my blog to a wonderful Lady of Horror. The amazing Rebecca Besser is taking the helm. I have to say I first read Nurse Blood when she was posting it to her website as a serial and I can not wait to crack into the new novel. This book was full of twists and creepy moments then so I have no doubt the new version is even better and am so excited to dig in. Without further ado, I give you the awesome Rebecca Besser.

Rebecca Besser resides in Ohio with her wonderful husband and amazing son. They've come to accept her quirks as normal while she writes anything and everything that makes her inner demons squeal with delight. She's best known for her work in adult horror, but has been published in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for a variety of age groups and genres. She's entirely too cute to be scary in person, so she turns to the page to instill fear into the hearts of the masses.
To learn more about Rebecca visit her Website, or find her on Facebook,…