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Meet Bob!

I'm currently editing a novel I wrote a couple years ago. It's similar to Shifters but has its very own interesting cast of characters. Since Zombies are so big right now I thought I would introduce you to Bob. He is a zombie that was inspired by my friend Nate. As I edited this novel that was originally written for my friends at Cellufun I changed a few names and even rewrote large chunks (including the ending) to make the story flow better. Bob decided he had a little side story to share with you guys and here it is. I hope you enjoy him as much as I do. Nate, if you're reading this; don't ever forget that horde equals family! Now on to Bob...
"It's not easy being an Undead American in this day and age. People are always assuming you're just a mindless brain muncher. They think that those of us who have been reanimated are just hollow shells bent on destruction and death. They couldn't be more wrong. I have never hurt anyone that didn't deserve …

Bigs and Lola

Those of you who know me, know about Mr. B. He's my fuzzy giant guardian and right now he has got it bad for the sweet tempered, adorable, little border collie next door. I mean bad. He howls and whines if he sees she is outside and he will haul his gianormous furry behind at light speed over to the property line to meet her.

She comes over every day and waits in plain view for Mr. B to see her. When I let him out she runs to the treeline and stops just on the other side. Then they chat for awhile, tails wagging and tongues lolling. Little by little she gets closer and closer to him. Each day brings another inch and a few hours of my pup sulking around the house gazing out of the windows looking for Lola.

God help you if you play either 'Lola' or 'Copacabana' in my house. If you play either song Bigs will start pinin' away and running from window to window looking for his furry little love. No kidding. Much like Pavlov's dog, when mine hears the signal he …