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Women in Horror Month: Stacey Turner takes over and talks about gender inequality

Today for Women in Horror month I have a really amazing author/editor I first met in person at WHC 2013. She's one of the most loving people I know and she can spin a yarn that'll make you want more, I give to you, the awesome Stacey Turner.

Hey ya’ll, it’s “Women in Horror Month” again. But I don’t want to talk about glass ceilings, equal rights, or gender discrepancy in the workplace. Mostly because *gasp* I don’t pay a lot of attention to it. Here’s the thing: you can spend a lot of time and effort pondering, bemoaning, and shrieking about something, or you can do your thing. I’m not saying it’s not an issue in the horror (and writing in general) community. I’m just saying I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the issue. I just do me.

What I do want to talk about is being a female writer/editor/former publisher. Because gender inequality isn’t restricted to the work place, it’s all over the kitchen/living room/bathroom. I see you working moms out there nodding your heads…

Women in Horror Month: Christine Sutton takes over

So, my guest for the day is not just an author whose work I admire, she's also one of my dearest friends. She is a fellow proponent for gender equality within the horror genre and an extremely prolific author as well. Without further ado, I give you the ever-awesome Christine Sutton...

“But, you can’t do that!” This is something I have heard quite often in relation to authors. In relation to me as an author as a matter of fact. In relation to me as a female author. In relation to me as a female horror author, specifically. Women are better at writing romance! I may write a romance one day if the mood strikes me!
Le Gasp!
Okay, I probably won’t ever write a romance in all honesty, but if I want to, there should be no problems. If I want to write a balls out, gore filled cannibal story that would make Jeffrey Dahmer lose his lunch, there should be no problem with that, either. There are still some naysayers that will tell you that women are no good at writing horror.
I call bul…

Women in Horror Month: Meet the awesome Emerian Rich!

I run a group for women that work in the horror genre (Ladies of Horror) and I met my guest today through that group. She's an extremely kind, hard working, and talented author as well as a pretty damned cool Lady. Without further ado, I turn over my blog to the incomparable Emerian Rich.

I'm a Little Goth Writer in a Big Genre Box by Emerian RichSo, you know that movie Jumpin' Jack Flash, starring Whoopi Goldberg? I love that movie. When I was a teenager, I knew all the words and my best friend and I would recite it as it played for the 400th time on cable. You might be asking why a horror author is talking about Jumpin' Jack Flash, it really has nothing to do with writing horror, does it? That's where I'll prove you wrong. Writing horror as a woman is EXACTLY like Jumpin' Jack Flash. First, like Whoopi Goldberg, I always feel like I'm in trouble and being called on the carpet by the higher-ups or about to get fired. Why is it we constantly have to justi…