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A guest post by Rebecca Boucher

I want to start off today's post by thanking all the men and women who have served our country within the armed forces. Mere words cannot express how much I appreciate you and the sacrifices you have made to keep us safe.

Today, I turn over the reins of my blog to the extremely talented Rebecca Boucher. If you haven't picked up her short story Panel 35 yet you really should. It's got something for everyone; love, loss, and a lesson on how we treat our soldiers. Click the picture to be whisked away and grab this marvelous book.

Now, to hand over the reins! I do want to apologize about the dirty dishes in the sink. I did plan to clean up the place a bit before you got here but I got sucked into Panel 35 and couldn't put it down.

Memorial Day and Panel 35

I wrote this short story mainly to honor my father. And to remind people that Memorial Day is more than barbeques and the start of summer. It's to honor those who have fallen in service to our country. Not just those …

Memorial Day and Rebecca Boucher

On Memorial Day it's important to take the time to appreciate all our soldiers. It's a day to remember those who gave their lives fighting for ours. Unfortunately too many people see it as nothing more than a four day weekend. An excuse to party, to have fun, and to get out of going to work. 
How sad that they don't bother to look outside themselves to see the sacrifices others make to allow them to keep partying and enjoying life. I am extremely grateful to all of those who serve/served in the name of our country. I can never thank you enough for giving of yourselves, your health, and --in some cases-- your sanity to make our home safer. 
I hope that one day we will look at those who serve our country (as soldiers as well as teachers, police officer, firefighters, EMS) and give them the support and compensation they deserve. I think it's a disgrace that we are sending our soldiers off to war and giving them just above minimum wage for their lives. 
That said, this po…